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Pinwheel Crafts

Unicorn Utopia Gift Set

Unicorn Utopia Gift Set

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Step into the whimsical world of unicorns with our Unicorn Utopia Gift Set bundle, featuring our beloved Unicorn Pillow Kit and the enchanting Mini Canvas Kit. This all-inclusive bundle combines the magic of unicorns with hands-on crafting adventures for hours of imaginative fun.

🦄 Pinwheel Crafts Unicorn Pillow Kit: Create your own magical unicorn pillow with everything you need included in the kit:

  • Pillowcase featuring a unicorn horn & ears
  • Poly-fil pillow stuffing for a plush finish
  • 2 unicorn eyelashes for added charm
  • 20 fleece tassels to embellish and decorate
  • 3 decorative flowers for a touch of whimsy
  • Step-by-step instructions for easy assembly

🎨 Pinwheel Crafts Mini Canvas Kit: Explore creative expression with 6 mini canvases and a variety of supplies:

  • 6 3"x3" mini canvases with wood easels
  • 8 colorful paints to bring your canvases to life
  • 6 paint brushes for precise strokes
  • Craft foam, glitter card stock, fabric flowers, pearls, gems, glitter, seashells, and glue
  • Templates and step-by-step instructions to inspire imaginative designs

Our Unicorn Utopia Gift Set bundle fosters creativity and imagination, offering a treasure trove of crafting supplies and activities perfect for unicorn enthusiasts of all ages. Whether crafting a cuddly unicorn pillow or expressing artistic flair on mini canvases, this bundle delivers joy, artistic exploration, and a magical touch to every crafting session.

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