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Pinwheel Crafts - Kids Halloween Arts and Crafts Projects

What are your thoughts on Halloween?

Oh, wait… we are asking the wrong question. What we meant to say was what are your kid’s thoughts on Halloween? Now that October 31 is coming closer, you are probably getting a new costume request every day. If it’s something spooky and trendy, you will have to make haste because all the costume stores run out of the good ones early. You don’t want your kid to like a green blob when he wanted to be Mike Wazowski from Monster Inc.

Once the costume has been decided, you need to get down to the real business ― decorating your house in such a way that it looks the spookiest on the block. Besides the trick-or-treating, candy, and costumes, Halloween allows you and your kid to flex your creative muscles. From something as simple as creating ghosts to more complex ideas, such as a moving eyes portrait, we are about to share with you some unique kids Halloween arts and crafts projects that even you will have a great time making.

Below are four Halloween craft project ideas from us here at Pinwheel Crafts that your kids can easily make:

Spooky Flower Pots

One great way to create fun, reusable decorations is to paint Halloween-themed flower pots. These adorable little creations can be used to hold herbs, flowers, or candy on the special day! Get everything you need to make these adorable little guys in our Pinwheel Crafts Flower Pot Kit. Use these supplies to create your very own Jack-o’-lantern, candy corn, and monster flower pots!

Pinwheel Crafts All-in-one Craft kits for Kids, garden flower pot kit, halloween craft ideas for kids, art projects for boys, fall diy ideas, cute pumpkin decoration ideas


Moving Eyes Portrait

How about turning your house into one of those spooky mansions from Scooby-Doo? The cartoon show always shows portraits that follow you when you pass them by. In case you are wondering ― no, the crafting in this project is not witchcraft! It’s just simple science and an illusion.

You Will Need

  • A4 white paper
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Color pencils



  • On an A4 Paper, draw two vertical rectangles of the same size.
  • Leave a 1-inch margin on all four sides.
  • Print a Halloween character picture in the same size as the rectangle. Make sure the character’s eyes are empty rounds.
  • Cut out the empty rounds and place the picture on the empty paper.
  • Trace the circles on the left side empty paper and draw two black dots on the right side
  • Color the picture.
  • Fold the 1-inch margins inside and then apply glue on them.
  • Make a rectangular box by pasting the sides.
  • Paste the character picture on top of the rectangular box, and your moving-eyes portrait is ready!


Leaf Ghosts

For a simpler project, these leaf ghosts make a perfect decoration for your dinner table. Think of them as large-sized confetti scattered all over the table, under the platters, and tucked in the napkins. Send your kids out to collect some fallen leaves that are neither too soft nor too dry.

You Will Need

  • Leaves
  • White paint
  • Black permanent marker
  • String (Optional)



  • Press the leaves by putting them on a flat surface and placing a heavy book on them. Depending on the leaf, you may need to leave them overnight.
  • Once the leaves have no crinkles, paint them white.
  • Let the leave dry for a couple of hours.
  • Use a black marker to draw the eyes and mouth.

You can also create a garland with the leaves by punching holes and inserting a sting in them, or use them as table place cards.

Paper-Plate Spider

Paper-plate spiders not only make for a great shelf décor but also as a garland. The best thing about this craft is that it does not require any cutting, so it’s a great project for the littles. You just have to stick the pieces onto a plate, and you will have the spiders ready to put up all over your house.

You Will Need

  • Black and white paper plates (you can also paint basic plates the necessary colors)
  • Candy Corn
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue gun
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Ken and barbie shoes



  • Paste the googly eyes on the paper plate and the candy corns for the fangs.
  • Twist eight pieces of pipe cleaners to create the spider legs and glue them on the back of the plate.
  • Attach Ken and Barbie shoes on the end of the pipe cleaners.


Optional: You can also use felt strips to create hair, beard, or a mustache for a an even more funky-looking spider.

Black Paper Cat

Black cats are bad omens. Well, that’s what most people believe, and it makes them spookier when one crosses your path at night. Hence, decorating your front yard or porch with black paper cats is a great way to keep those kids away who like to cause some destruction.

You Will Need

  • Black, yellow, white, and pink card stock
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black marker



  • Create a cone with a piece of black card stock and use glue to paste the sides together.
  • Cut out a rectangle with black card stock in the size of 8 inches x 4 inches.
  • Fold the rectangle to create a cylinder and paste the sides with glue.
  • Fold the cylinder gently and cut from the bottom in the middle only halfway, creating a cross.
  • Use black and pink card paper to create the ears in a triangle shape. The pink card stock should be slightly smaller in size than the black card stock. Attach the pink paper on top of the black paper and set the ear aside.
  • Cut out the eyes using yellow card stock and create the iris by drawing an oval shape on it using a black marker.
  • Use the pink card stock to cut out the nose.
  • Use white card stock to cut 4 straight lines to create whiskers.
  • Use black card stock to create the paws.
  • Paste the eyes, nose, ears, and whiskers on the cylinder.
  • Insert the cone into the cylinder from underneath.
  • Glue the paws, and your black paper cat is ready to scare mischievous children away!


Final Thoughts

These are just some of our kids’ Halloween arts and crafts projects! With this collection of craft ideas, you will have your kids occupied and interested in making the décor, which is usually a task that falls on parents. These are easy to make, even for toddlers. So, do let us know how they turned out during Halloween. If you are looking for more inspiration, visit our blog on Pinwheel Crafts website and browse our catalog of craft ideas. We also have an online store where you can purchase the Pinwheel Crafts Fun Fridge Magnet Kit for creating pumpkin, Frankenstein, and spider magnet decorations.

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