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Pinwheel Crafts - Holiday Decoration DIYs

It’s hard to believe that the winter holidays are already upon us. This last year seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Pinwheel Crafts hopes that your time was well spent with friends and family and that all of our readers were able to pick up a new hobby or learn a new craft.

With the holiday season in full swing, we’re bringing you another set of diy crafts that are not only fun, but make great decorations for the coming days and weeks. What’s more is that while you can go out and buy the supplies on your own, if you are pressed for time, almost all of the crafts below can be created using Pinwheel Crafts all-in-one craft kits.

So, get out your glitter, glue, and tinsel, and let’s get started! 

Fridge Magnets

While there are copious projects online to help you and your kids make your own Christmas tree ornaments, we wanted to do something a little different this year: Christmas FRIDGE ornaments! While decorating the tree is fun, after the holiday season is over, tree ornaments will be stowed away until next year. What if you could hold onto the holiday decor year round with functional decorations like fridge magnets?

All of the following project ideas can be created by starting with the base materials in the Pinwheel Crafts Fun Fridge Magnet kit. Of course, when it comes to artistic expression, there is no limit to what you can use. Glitter? Go for it. Stickers? Slap ‘em on there! Decoupage tissue paper and markers? Get at it, you clever crafter!

No matter what you make, you can display your creations proudly on the fridge during holiday gatherings. Plus, if you have any surprise visitors, you can use your adorable magnets as last minute gifts.

Holiday Ornaments

Dress your fridge up to look just like a Christmas tree! Use the Pinwheel Crafts Fun Fridge Magnet kit to create magnetic ornaments to display on your refrigerator. 

You will Need

  • Pinwheel Crafts Magnet Kit
  • Craft supplies like decorative ribbon, chenille stems, gemstones and pom poms, glitter, and whatever else you like to work with
  • Glue



  1. Sketch out your ideas for different ornament designs.
  2. Using circle magnets, hearts, and squares turned to look like diamonds, apply your decorative designs. We recommend creating horizontal patterns across the magnets as this is a common design with regular ornaments.
  3. Using a small piece of thin ribbon, attach a loop to the top of the magnet (glued to the back). This will make it look like a hanging ornament.



This one is pretty fun and straightforward. It only requires a few supplies and next to no paint. Use this project to create a variety of different snowmen magnets that are 2 or 3 circles tall. If you do not have enough circular magnets left in your magnet kit, you can also make additional tiles by using cookie cutters and homemade air dry clay using this easy recipe.

You will Need

  • Circular magnet tiles (2 to 3 per snowman)
  • Black and orange paint
  • Glue 
  • Brown Chenille Stems
  • Black and orange craft foam (optional)



  1. For the torso piece(s), either paint on 2-3 coal buttons, or attach 2 to 3 small black foam circles.
  2. For the head piece(s), you can either paint on eyes and carrot nose, or cut out the shapes in foam and glue them on.
  3. Using 2 chenille stem halves, create stick hands and glue one to each side of the torso piece.
  4. Finally, place the pieces together vertically on the fridge with a blank circle at the bottom. You now have an adorable snowman!


Holiday Origami

Here at Pinwheel Crafts, we love origami. Paper is a super versatile craft supply, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and, best of all, is recyclable! So, not only is origami an incredibly fun activity for the entire family, it’s also environmentally friendly. How cool is that?

You can use just about any kind of paper for the following projects, including the paper squares and supplies included in the Pinwheel Crafts Flower Origami kit. If you are pressed for time and cannot wait for shipping, though, you can also use construction paper, printer paper, or anything else that can be easily cut down into squares and folded.

Origami Santa and Reindeer

If you have children expecting to receive gifts from the jolly man in red this year, here is a fun way to get ready for the big day. All you need is some colorful paper and a bit of patience to see this project through.

You will Need

  • Origami paper in brown and red
  • Glue (optional)
  • String or Twine (optional)



  1. Using two 4 x 4 inch squares of brown paper, follow the steps provided in this video to create an adorable reindeer. If you are feeling extra crafty, you can use double sided origami paper to add contrast. Throw in a small red pom pom or gemstone nose to make one of your reindeer into Rudolf.
  2. Using two 3 x 3 inch squares of paper that is red on one side and white on the other, follow the steps provided in this video to create your tiny little Santa.
  3. Using a 6 x 6 inch square of brown paper, follow the steps provided in this video to create a cute sleigh for Santa to ride around in. Double sided paper with red and gold or red and white adds nice accents, but is not required.
  4. Using string and glue, attach a strand to the front of the sleigh on each side, then connect it to each reindeer. Place Santa in his sleigh, then fill it with tiny little gifts. Viola! Super cute holiday decorations that everyone will love.


Christmas Tree and Gifts

So, now that you have Santa, what presents is he going to deliver, and where will he deliver them? Have no fear! Making an origami tree and presents is simple and fun and adds an extra touch of adorable to your winter scene.

You will Need

  • Origami paper in green, brown, and assorted colors for the presents (we used red and white)
  • Glue (optional)
  • Ribbon, Pom poms, chenille stems, glitter, and gemstones (optional)



  1. Using the green and brown paper, follow the steps provided in this video to create a little Christmas tree. For our tree, we used green paper in sizes 3 x 3 inches, 4 x 4 inches, 5 x 5 inches, and 6 x 6 inches and a 6 x 6 inch piece of brown paper for the trunk. While not required, you can use a couple drops of glue to hold the pieces together.
  2. Using whatever colors you like, follow the steps provided in this video to create small paper cubes that will be used as tiny gifts. Our super tiny presents were made using 2.5 x 2.5 inch and 3 x 3 inch pieces of paper.
  3. You can either cut tiny strips of paper to wrap around the presents as a bow, or a piece of thin craft ribbon and a touch of glue.
  4. Now that your presents are ready to put under the Christmas tree, use your additional supplies to decorate it just like you would your regular tree. Use pom poms and gemstones as ornaments, chenille stems as tinsel, and sprinkles of glitter to add a little extra holiday cheer.


Show us Your Creations!

Did you take the time to build an adorable winter scene for display in your home? Or did you create elegant and classic looking fridge magnet ornaments? Whatever you and your family have made together, make sure to show us your beautiful creations on Instagram and Facebook.

Until next time, happy crafting!

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