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Pinwheel Crafts - Fun Projects to Bring You Luck in the New Year!

Pinwheel Crafts - Fun Projects to Bring You Luck in the New Year!

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the end of another year. The last 12 months have been filled with hope and happiness as we strive to move back to a sense of normality. We hope that 2021 was a positive year for you and your family, as well. Of course, with the 31st quickly approaching, it’s time to ring in a shiny new year.

Depending on how old your children are, you might be able to get out of the house this year and trust the kiddos with a babysitter. Maybe your little ones are small enough that they will be asleep well before the ball drops, and you and your spouse can have some quiet time to watch the new year come in. Of course, if your children are old enough, and you have decided against plans to get out of the house, then this Friday may be a busy night at home for you and the family.

If you are looking for kid-friendly ways to ring in the new year with your children, look no further. We are here to bring you some fun and crafty ways to have fun with the whole family as you wait for the final countdown. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

White Elephant

We know what you’re thinking, but a “White Elephant” isn’t just a gift giving activity for the holidays. The national symbol of Thailand is the Elephant, and these majestic, strong, and intelligent creatures are viewed as sacred there. It is even believed that they are the protectors of Buddha. White elephants are considered holy animals and are worshipped among Thai people. Because of this positive association, the white elephant is also a symbol of great luck and fortune to bring in the new year.

Elephant Magnet

Pinwheel Crafts Fun Fridge Magnet Kit for kids and girls circle tile painted to look like an elephant with black and gold paint with gold glitter tusks and circle halo with white craft foam trunk and ears on a light green backdrop with middle eastern design motif

You will need:

  • Circular ceramic tile and adhesive magnet (like those found in the Pinwheel Crafts Fun Fridge Magnet kit)
  • White craft foam
  • Gold metallic paint, black paint and a thin brush
  • Gold glitter cardstock or foam



  1. Trace the shape of the magnet on the back of the white craft foam. This will be your cutting guide.
  2. Draw the arched eyebrow shapes over the circle and a thick trunk extending downward.
  3. Cut along the lines you’ve drawn, flip the cutout piece of foam over, and glue it to the ceramic tile.
  4. Cut out two small tusks from the glitter paper, and attach them between the foam trunk and the magnet.
  5. Cut out a circle a bit smaller than the tile from the glitter paper and glue it to the back of the ceramic tile so that it peaks over the top of the elephant like a halo.
  6. Now, cut out two elephant ears from the remaining white craft foam and glue them to the back of the tile and glitter paper halo.
  7. Use the black and gold paint to add the elephant eyes and additional details and decorations.
  8. Once all the paint and glue has dried, remove the paper from the adhesive magnet and attach it to the back of your creation.
  9. Display with pride!


Origami Elephant

Pinwheel Crafts Flower Origami Kit for kids and girls paper folding three small origami elephants in light blue lavender and yellow standing on a grey and white cutting board with plain white backdrop

If you’re running short on time, then an adorable origami elephant might be more your speed. All you need to make an origami elephant is a piece of white paper cut into squares. There are a couple different ways to fold an origami elephant, so we’ve provided links to different versions so you can create something based on your design tastes and paper folding skill level. You can adorn your little paper elephant with whatever craft supplies available to you, or leave it elegant and blank. If you don’t have time to pick up decorative supplies, you can get everything you need in one box with the Pinwheel Crafts Flower Origami kit.

Easy Origami Elephant 
Geometric Origami Elephant 
Standard Origami Elephant


Goldfish Magnet

Pinwheel Crafts Fun Fridge Magnet Kit for kids and girls square tile painted orange with scales to look like a goldfish with orange feathers for find and a blue background

Many different cultures around the world believe fish are good luck charms. In Feng Shui, the goldfish is a symbol meant to bring prosperity and luck. Many other countries, including Poland, China, and the Czech Republic, also see the carp and its scales as a way to bring good fortune. Since the Japanese Koi is a very colorful version of the common carp, this brings us right back to the image of a goldfish.

You will need:

  • Small, square, ceramic tile
  • Orange and black paint and brushes
  • 9-12mm googly eye
  • Orange decorative feathers
  • Glue
  • Adhesive magnet
  • ALL of these supplies can be found in the Pinwheel Crafts Fun Fridge Magnet kit.



  1. Using a square ceramic tile turned diagonally, apply a layer of orange paint all over. You can also paint orange and deep grey patches if you want your goldfish to look more like a Koi.
  2. Once the orange paint has dried, use black paint and a fine liner brush to add semi-circles to look like scales across the body of your fish and allow it to dry, too.
  3. Attach a single googly eye to the front of the tile, and orange feathers to the back of the tile sticking out of the top, bottom, and one side (to look like fins).
  4. Once all the paint and glue has dried, remove the paper backing from the adhesive magnet and attach it to the back of your creation.
  5. Display with pride!


Ladybug Flower Pot

Pinwheel Crafts Flower Pot kit for kids and girls gardening small flower pot painted red with large black polka dots and two googly eyes to look like a ladybug with chenille stem pipe cleaners sticking out of the top and curled up to look like antennas and black foam wings peaking out from the back with a plain white background


Yes, we’ve all heard of lucky rabbits’ feet, wishing on shooting stars, and crossing our fingers, but did you know that the ladybug is also seen as a symbol of luck? Who knew such a cute and loveable little insect could also bring good fortune into your life.

You will need:

  • Small ceramic flower pot (ideally one primed white)
  • Red and black paint and brushes (one medium to large flat brush and one small round)
  • Two 9-12mm google eyes
  • Two black chenille stems
  • Black craft foam
  • Glue
  • ALL of these supplies (as well as a wing template) can be found in the Pinwheel Crafts Flower Pot kit.



  1. Using the larger, flat brush, paint the entire flower pot red and allow it to dry.
  2. Paint black polka dots across the body of the flower pot.
  3. Once all the glue has dried, attach the googly eyes to the front of the pot on the outside and two curled up chenille stems (antennas) to the front of the pot on the inside of the rim.
  4. Cut two equal semi-circles from black craft foam and attach them to the back of the flower pot at an angle so they can be seen poking out the sides from the front.
  5. Your little lady is ready to grow something special (and grow your luck, too).



Well, that wraps up our last post of 2021. We look forward to bringing you more beautiful and adorable ways to make your family’s life a bit more crafty. See you in 2022!

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