St. Patrick's Day Projects to Make with Your Family this Friday the 13th

March 10, 2020 Pinwheel Crafts

Two square tiles laying on white background, one painted with a green four leaf clover on yellow, the other painted with a yellow horseshoe on green, both with a coating of glitter. On counter around tile are fake gold coins, green and gold plastic beaded necklaces, and glittery green and gold shamrock paper cutouts. Entire image is encased in Celtic knot border.

Friday the 13th is drawing near!

If you’re pensive about crawling out from under the covers on this notoriously unlucky day, you’re definitely not alone. While most folks will be avoiding black cats, ladders, and lumbering men wearing hockey masks, we suggest a different approach to improving your fortune this Friday. Channel the luck of the Irish and make some St. Patrick’s Day crafts for you and your entire family! Here we have curated a short list of DIY St Patrick’s Day projects to keep you and your little ones busy and provide great decorations for the holiday next week.

Rainbow Paper Plates

For those with little ones looking for refrigerator-worthy crafts, check out this project from Cutesy Crafts. These adorable rainbows are a great way to help develop fine motor skills and use simple supplies found in most households. 

Rim of paper plate painted with rainbow stripes from top to bottom with red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Cotton ball attached to ends to mimic fluffy clouds, and multiple paper shamrocks hanging at different length beneath rainbow, suspended by strands yarn. Text overlay centered at top reads "paper plate rainbow St. Patrick's Day craft," and in hand script letters at the bottom left reads "Cutesy Crafts."

Sparkly Shamrock Wands

For the more advanced crafters out there, This Mom’s Confessions has a great DIY craft project for making your very own sparkly shamrock wands. While we can’t guarantee it will lead you to a pot of gold, it will make your children feel magical this St. Patrick’s Day.

multiple crafted wands with glitter shamrocks topping them, gold coins glued on top of the shamrocks, and yellow and green streamers hanging beneath them. Text overlay reads "Shamrock Wand for St. Patrick's Day"

Girls Rainbow Headband

Along with the rainbow paper plates, Cutesy Crafts also has a walkthrough on how to make a cute rainbow headband topped with a four-leaf clover. This one requires some needle work, so make sure you are there to supervise closely if your children will be making these for themselves. 

Text centered at top reads reads "St. Patrick's Day Rainbow headband." top row, left image show red ribbon being wrapped around headband. top right image shows band wrapped in rainbow colors. Bottom center image shows the same girls headband wrapped in rainbow ribbon with a felt shamrock and button sewn on top, in to right corner in handscripted letters reads "Cutesy Crafts."

Leprechaun Hats

And for the adults searching for a simple desk decoration idea, look no further. This quick project from That’s What Che Said is the perfect way to get creative and make your very own, holiday-themed paper weight. 

Gardening pots turned upside down, painted green, and a black and gold buckle belt made of felt wrapped around. Text overlay with white on green background reads "Clay Pot Leprechaun Hats."


For those lacking the time to go out and buy supplies, Pinwheel Crafts also offers a complete kit to make your very own, green and gold refrigerator magnets. Our Fun Fridge Magnet kit comes with all the supplies to make your very own St. Patrick’s refrigerator decorations. If you already have your own art and crafts supplies on hand, the tiles are constructed of a sturdy ceramic that will take most artistic media and adhesives. 

So, when your alarm goes off on Friday morning, try not to panic! We know there are a lot of superstitions surrounding the 13th. But, with a little bit of St. Patrick’s luck, and creativity, you can make your own good fortune this month.

Happy Crafting!
Pinwheel Crafts Team

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