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Pinwheel Crafts - DIY Green Dragon Flower Pot

Pinwheel Crafts - DIY Green Dragon Flower Pot

Here at Pinwheel Crafts, we're all about raising happy and healthy families. Did you know that children that garden have a higher likelihood of eating more fruits and vegetables? Studies done over the last decade have shown children that help grow and prepare their own food may develop healthier eating habits. Plus, what kid doesn’t like digging in the dirt every now and then?

Recently, Pinwheel Crafts released a brand new craft kit for creating these adorable painted flower pots. These are just in time for the spring weather and getting your children interested in gardening. To celebrate the new product, we’re bringing you bonus flower pot designs you can make using nothing but the supplies in the Pinwheel Crafts Flower Pot kit.

Small flower pot painted to look like a green dragon using foam pieces for wings horns and mouths and googly eyes and painted scales

Today, we're going to walk you through how to make your very own dragon flower pot using nothing but the supplies provided in the Pinwheel Crafts Flower Pot Kit.

Using the paint and the flat brush provided, you will need to start by painting the pot green. You can use the green paint as is, but we decided to add just a bit of yellow and white to make it a bit lighter. This helps to create a bit of contrast between the pot and the foam parts we’re going to add later. You may need to apply a couple coats of paint to get full coverage. Just make sure you give the paint ample drying time between each coat.

Mixing ratios of paint showing equal parts green yellow and white

(TIP: You can mix in a bit of water to the paint in order to allow for a more matte finish)

In order to add scales, take some of the green paint and mix in a bit of yellow to create a bright green. Using another bit of green paint, add a small amount of black and blue for a darker, slightly teal color. Using your round brush, create multiple “u” shapes all across and around the pot in the bright green and dark teal. Allow painted scales to dry before adding eyes and mouth.

While you are waiting for the paint to dry, you can begin cutting out the foam pieces for the dragon wings, horns, and face. We have provided stencils below for you to use on the green and black foam (CLICK HERE to download .pdf).  Once they are all cut out, you can use whatever glue you have around to glue the black on top of the green pieces like we have below. Now you should have 2 wings, two horns, and the mouth ready to go.

Check to see if the paint is dry by tapping it with your finger. If it is no longer tacky, you’re ready to glue on the foam parts. Take 2 of the self-adhesive googly eyes provided, peel of the backing, and place them about ¾ of an inch apart, just below the rim of the pot. Using the glue dots provided, attach the wings to the back of the pot, centered, about ⅓ from the top of the pot. Using either the glue dots provided, or your own glue, attach the mouth to the front of the pot, centered, just below the eyes. Since they are a bit too small for the glue dots, you will need to use your own glue to stick the horns onto the front of the pot rim, above and slightly to the outside of the googly eyes.

small garden pot painted to look like a green dragon with foam wings and horn sitting on books with ink dip pen supplies and candles

You should now have your very own dragon for planting whatever you like this season. And, if you're not a fan of green, try out one of these other fun color combos with your children. The combinations are endless!


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