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Winter Weather Crafts for the Whole Family

Winter Weather Crafts for the Whole Family

While many of us associate the holiday months as the time of year filled with snowflakes, weather trends show that January and February are actually the coldest months of the year (for those in the northern hemisphere, anyway). As such, we’ve gathered a variety of fun crafts and projects for you to do with your children. No matter their age, skill level, or interests, of the following ten crafts, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Dimensional Salt Snowflakes

Nothing says winter quite like the iconic snowflake. If you’re looking for a new way to incorporate this design into your children’s arts and crafts, look no further. The Best Ideas for Kids has brought a wonderfully easy option for creating dimensional snowflakes using nothing but glue, salt, and children’s paint. 

Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

If you have an animal lover in the house, these easy bird feeders from Momtastic are a great way to bring wild-life to their window. All you need is a paper roll tube, peanut butter, bird seed, and a piece of ribbon or string to hang the feeder. It’s a great way to attract different birds to your yard and practice animal identification with your children.

Egg Carton Penguins

Did you know that a group of penguins on land is called a “waddle?” If you’d like to help your children create their own adorable waddle of penguins this winter, then Kiwi Co has an absolutely adorable craft project for you to try out. It even has the added benefit of upcycling old egg cartons!

Polar Bear Mask

This polar bear mask idea from I Heart Crafty Things is great for children that like to dress up in costumes. All you need are some basic disposable dish ware, glue, tissue paper, a large black pom pom, and some string to hold the mask on. This project does require a craft knife and hot glue gun, though, so you will need to help your children out to ensure no one gets hurt.

Snowman Bookmarks

You know that we always like to keep our household bookworms included in these craft round ups, and this list is no different. Red Ted Art provides an absolutely adorable idea for creating kawaii snowman bookmarks (“kawaii” is a term used to describe super cute designs with a Japanese aesthetic). This project does require decent fine motor skills, so it is recommended for older children, or you may simply want to make them as a gift for your little reader.

Winter Tree Paintings

An iconic design motif of winter is the classic light blue and white themed landscape of bare trees and snow. There’s no one way to paint winter trees, though. As such, we’ve brought you three different methods for helping your children create their very own winter paintings.

Tape Masked Tree Painting

For younger children, using this painter’s tape method is a great option. Help your child set up where they want their trees and snowflakes using low tack painter’s tape, or masking tape. Now, they can simply paint in a variety of blues using whatever tools they prefer (including their fingers). Once the paint is dry, simply remove the tape. For a more in-depth walkthrough of the process, head on over to Mommy’s Bundle for all the details.

Winter Tree Finger Painting

For somewhat older children, a fingerprint tree is a great option, as well. With this adorable project from Easy Peasy and Fun, all you need is some light blue paper, black and white paint, a paint brush, and some fingers! You can find printable templates online for the tree trunk and branches. That being said, we like letting children work from their own memory and paint their own trees. It’s a great way to help grow their imagination. 

Abstract Winter Trees Painting

For older children, we recommend this great abstract project from Arty Crafty Kids. It’s a fun way to introduce your children to the beginning concepts of abstract painting, printmaking, and collage. 

Ice Projects and Experiments

If you’re looking for a creative project that is a bit more STEM-themed, using ice is a great option. Combining color and ice will provide a fun opportunity to introduce your young learners to the concept of states of matter. We’ve gathered a couple different ice experiments to do with you children while it’s still cold and snowy outside.

Melted Ice Experiment

While this doesn’t provide any kind of finished artwork to hang on the wall, this melted ice experiment from Artful Parent is a great activity for any kid. The temporary nature of the project along with the unpredictability of the color patterns that the melting ice creates makes this a very relaxing activity. Without the pressure of worrying about the permanence of a finished product, your child can sit back and just enjoy watching what color patterns and combinations form.

Colorful “Glass” Outdoor Decoration

If you live somewhere with lots of snow, or expect to see snow soon, this is a fun little outdoor project for the next time they want to play outside. Hurrayic provides a simple guide to making your own colored “glass” snow decorations. All you need to do is freeze food colored water in water balloons, remove the balloon once completely frozen, and then use the colorful blobs to decorate your snow-covered yard. It’s definitely a unique activity and a fun way to mix up how your kids play in the snow.

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