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Pinwheel Crafts DIY Craft Kits – Art Toys for Girls

Pinwheel Crafts DIY Craft Kits – Art Toys for Girls

Do you have a budding artist in your house?

Have you been scrubbing your walls with soap water because your little girl drew on them with crayons and markers?

Even though you have given her a blank piece of paper and color pencils to do her own thing, she keeps looking for a new outlet to show her creativity. Get ready because we are about to solve your problem and give you a solution that will result in several refrigerator masterpieces! Pinwheel Crafts brings you some cool art toys for girls that will inspire them to be more imaginative and get their creativity flowing.

We are not talking about traditional art kits that come in a box. They simply stifle a kid’s artistic intuitions. Gone are the days of coloring and staying inside the lines. Today, girls want to decorate their room and create something they can proudly place on their shelves.

Here are some DIY ideas that will help you create the perfect art toys for girls.

Shoelace Kit

This simple yet creative kit can be put together in a matter of minutes. A shoelace kit is exactly what you are thinking ― a couple of decorated and white laces with charms and non-washable markers.

If your daughter is into abstract art, this will allow her to expand her boundaries. Moreover, it will give her the option and time to give her art more details. Make sure that the white laces are broad enough so they can be drawn on.

Baking Charm Kit

If your daughter loves dangly charms, why not teach her to make a few the old-fashioned way ― by baking plastic?

To create this kit, you will need several papers with art printed on them. The art can be of anything that your daughter likes, such as animals, style accessories, food, etc. You will then need flat plastic sheets that will be drawn on, permanent color markers, scissors, strings, and a punching machine.

Note: If you would like to use recycled plastics for this project, this article from Chaotically Yours outlines what #6 plastic is, how it’s used, and how to identify it.

Let your daughter draw on the plastic sheets by taking inspiration from the printed art papers. If she is old enough to handle scissors on her own, let her cut the plastic sheet. Make sure that she keeps a margin because once the plastic pieces are placed in the oven, they will shrink to one-third their size. If she plans to make a charm bracelet with them, punch a hole at the top so that they can be added to the strings.

Fairy Jar Kit

What girl doesn’t love fairies? This is why the fairy jar kit made the list because it is one of the perfect art toys for girls. This kit is made with fairy silhouettes, fairy lights, glitter, decorative accessories, and a jar in which everything is placed.

This magical piece of crafting will allow your daughter to escape her everyday screen time and do something really fun and creative. Accessories, such as butterfly clips, ribbons, and flowers, can be used to decorate the jar from the outside, and glitter, glue, fairy lights, and silhouettes are used to decorate the jar from the inside.

Easy Charm Bracelet Kit

Does your daughter love jewelry? She will go gaga over this kit. If the knotting technique is too difficult for her, get chains with plenty of clasps to hold the charms. So, what’s so unique about this kit? Instead of pre-made charms, you include chunks of different colored moldable puffy paint for the designs. Your daughter will be able to shape the paint into an art piece just the way she wants and then attach it using the clasp on the chain.

Felt Flower Kit

Felt is quickly gaining popularity due to its versatile uses, which is why we bring you this material to use in the DIY kit. Sewing can be quite difficult for little girls so you will be glad to know that this kit does not involve needles or threads.

However, it has buttons, lots of them! To create this kit, you will need six items ― felt (cut in the form of flower petals and leaves), colorful plastic buttons, wire, strings, double-sided tape, and a vase. The wire will help keep the flower straight, and the string can be wrapped around it to create an appealing bouquet that will go in the vase. The vase can also be decorated using the felt flowers by sticking double-sided tape underneath it.

Bedroom Art Kit

Does your daughter want to decorate her bedroom with something whimsical? We’ve got the perfect DIY craft kit for her that will blow her mind. This glowing creation will replace the boring old lamp on her side table with a shining star! Here’s what you need to put together this kit ― a star balloon, glittery string, glow-in-the-dark cord, glue, and LED light.

Cover the glittery string in glue and wrap it around the star. Wrap the glow-in-the-dark cord at the same time so that both strings are intertwined. Once the strings take the shape of the star and the glue completely dries and hardens, pop the balloon and remove it from the middle. Now, wrap the LED light in such a way that it covers all the corners of the stars as well as the middle sections. And there you have it! ― a glowing star that your daughter can look at and admire all night. You can buy balloons in different shapes and use the same technique to come up with unique designs.

So, what are your thoughts on these DIY kits? Do you think your daughter will have a great time putting her creations together and bringing them to life? Then what are you waiting for? Start gathering the supplies and make sure to put them in a pretty box. If you want to take out the guess work and are looking for pre-made kits, visit the website Pinwheel Crafts and browse our selection of awesome times for kids of all ages.



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