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Pinwheel Crafts - 14-Year-Old Birthday Ideas

As your kid starts their teen years, you form a special bond with them. They go through phases that mark great mental, physical, social, and emotional changes in them. During this time,  it is important to give ample proper attention and help them feel loved. At times, it can feel like your child is growing too fast, and that’s probably not far from the truth. Starting from 13 years of age, children go through a growth spurt. No matter how moody and surly they become, one thing that will always revert them back into your sweet, little kid is their birthday.

Birthdays are special, and the gifts given on these occasions should be equally special. So, if you are looking for 14-year-old birthday ideas, you have come to the right place. But first, answer this ― if your teenage son or daughter’s birthday was just around the corner, what would you give them as a gift?

  • An iPad?
  • An Xbox gaming console?
  • A race car track?
  • A dollhouse?

    Your teen probably expects these gifts.

    Here’s a suggestion: why not make one for them? Not just a DIY gift but a kit that will appeal to their creative side! Here at Pinwheel Crafts, we offer just such kits. No matter your teenager’s creative interests, there is something for everyone over in the Pinwheel Crafts online store.

    One of the best things about a DIY gift idea, you can allow your teen to make something to their exact specification. What parent doesn’t want to take out all the guesswork with gift giving? Since they know their likes and dislikes better than anyone, you can provide them with the tools and supplies to put together something that will truly excite them.

    So, without further ado, below are the top five 14-year-old birthday ideas for girls and boys:

    1.    Tie-Dye Kit

    A tie-dye kit is a great gift for any teen that loves playing with colors. A majority of tie-dye kits include NO toxic chemicals in the color bottles. Some more advanced techniques include using highlighter inks for the dye, and using stencils to add extra design elemets and added visual interest. For today, however, let’s stick to the basics and see what your teen things about this classic craft kit.

    Things to include in the kit

    • A pack of disposable gloves (to protect those young hands)
    • One-step tie-dye bottles in 12 colors (These dyes come in the form of color powder. You just need to add water to each bottle to make the dye.)
    • 5 white t-shirts, or any other cotton garments
    • Fabric paint
    • T-shirt stencils
    • Spray adhesive
    • Cosmetic sponge or paint brushes
    • Funky lapel pins

    Don’t forget to include these step-by-step directions on how to tie-dye the t-shirt and stencil it.

    2.    Pixel Puzzles Kit

    As kids grow and enter their teenage years, they like to take on more challenges, and what could be more challenging than putting together a puzzle? We know that you’re thinking, “A puzzle is such a simple and old gift.” True, but the kind of puzzle we’re talking about is very unique.

    The reason this kit is called pixel puzzles is that when you start making it, it resembles a pixelated picture. It’s exactly like that “connect the dots” picture that kids are given in primary school. Watching all the pieces combine and reveal the masterpiece is a lot of fun. So, how do you make this puzzle? That’s the tricky part.

    You get two choices when solving the puzzle: either choose a wall art puzzle that will cover a good portion of the wall or something small that can be framed and hanged.

    Here are the instructions for creating this puzzle kit:

    • Pick a picture of what your teen is currently into and print it
    • Pick out a puzzle size, like 20x40′′
    • Get the picture printed out in this size on a cardboard sheet
    • Get an empty outline of this picture printed out on another cardboard sheet; this is the surface on which the puzzle pieces will be placed
    • Draw grids at the back of the colored picture and on the empty outline
    • On a piece of paper, code the colors, for example, Red is 1, Blue is 2, Yellow is 3, and so on
    • Number the squares in the grids of the colored picture according to the color code
    • Cut the grid into small squares to make your puzzle pieces
    • On the back of each puzzle piece, stick a double-sided transparent tape

    With the numbered puzzle pieces and the numbered outline sheet, your puzzle is ready to be put together. Remember to choose a picture with limited colors so that you don’t get confused while coding the colors.

    3.    Bracelet Kit

    Bracelet kits are quite on trend these days. You can make them with charms for your daughter and if you have a son, a friendship band kit may be more appropriate. Pinwheel Crafts Paracord Bracelet Kit gives you the best of both worlds. Instead of rubber bands, it offers Type III survival grade 550 Paracord for making the bracelets. If you are looking for a more open-ended, DIY option, run to your nearest store and buy the following items:

    Things to include in the kit

    • Beads (in different colors, shapes, and sizes)
    • Tassels
    • Charms
    • Jump rings
    • Clear elastic cord
    • Waxed cord

    4.    Live Pinterest Board Kit

    Not every gift needs to be a forever gift! What brings joy at the moment is precious too. So, how do you make a live Pinterest board kit? First of all, find out what your teen is interested in currently. For example, if your teen has been talking about adopting a dog, let that be the inspiration that guides you.

    Search for pictures of dogs that speak to your child’s interests and their personality. You can also collect images of cute dog accessories and cool pet innovations and hacks. Print out anything you can find dog-related and paste the images to wooden planks, or foam board. Lastly, buy a pinboard and make sure that each plank has a small wire attached to the back so that it can be hanged. Lastly, add additional decorations such as stickers, strings, sticky notes, markers, ribbons, and anything else that will help beautify the board.

    5.    Bedroom Lantern

    As soon as kids enter their teen years, the first thing they want to do is decorate their bedroom in their own style. Giving them such a kit will not only excite them but also show them that you are fully on board with the idea of them putting their personal stamp in the bedroom. This DIY bedroom lantern kit is different from others as it includes a few accessories your teenager won’t be expecting.

    Things to include in the kit

    • 6 Large and small balloons
    • Twine
    • Wire
    • White glue
    • Cornstarch
    • Glitter glue
    • Spray paint
    • Petroleum jelly
    • Battery-operated fairy lights
    • Tassels
    • Charms
    • Round and icicle-shaped ornaments

    Here’s how to make the lantern:

    • Blow up the large balloon, draw a small circle on top with a marker, and set it aside
    • In a bowl, mix white glue, cornstarch, and water until a runny mixture forms
    • Cover the balloon with petroleum jelly (This prevents the balloon from becoming stiff and breaking off in flakes)
    • Start winding the twine around the balloon in a zig-zag pattern (Make sure to stay below the drawn circle)
    • Once the balloon is completely wrapped in twine, hang it somewhere it can dry for 24 hours,
    • The next morning, pop the balloon and you will have a lantern shell
    • Now, use the accessories and glitter glue to decorate your lantern
    • Loop a wire at the top to create a hook
    • Wrap the fairy lights around the lantern and hang the lantern anywhere in the room
    • Press the button and watch as the room lights up with zig-zag shadows

    And that’s it for our 14-year-old birthday ideas. What do you think? Did your teen love any one of these DIY kits? Let us know in the comments how you made the kit and whether your teen liked it or not.
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