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Organization Hacks for Your Craft Space in the New Year

Organization Hacks for Your Craft Space in the New Year

Happy New Year! We hope that your 2021 is off to a good start. Of course, with a new year comes new resolutions. The beginning of the year is a great opportunity to start new habits and get the year started on the right foot. Many folks make a vow to lose weight, or quit smoking. Of course, if you or your children's craft space are as stocked as ours, then your resolution may be to make your creative spaces more functional. To help you get your year off to a decluttered start, we’ve gathered 6 clever, and beautiful ways to help organize your craft space (without having to throw anything out).

Upcycled Coffee Tins

Most creative spaces revolve around artistic tools. Whether your family is filled with painters, or draughtsman, chances are good you have gathered quite the collection of brushes, pencils, pens, and everything else. A great way to help organize these tools (while also helping to reduce waste) is to upcycle tin cans! Sustain My Craft Habit offers a great guide on how you can transform a basic tin can into a beautifully modern tool holder.

Washi Tape Holder

Washi tape has been all the craze the last few years. Whether it’s used for travel journals, scrapbooking, or stationary, chances are good that if you have even one roll of washi tape in your house, then you probably have at least ten more. If you need a clever way to help organize all the rolls of washi tape you or your children use, check out this walkthrough from Artsy Fartsy Life on how you can set up and decorate your own desktop organizer.

DIY Drawer Organizers

Most every creative space has at least one or two drawers. And, we’re just guessing here, at least one or two of those drawers is a chaotic mess of all kinds of arts and crafts tools. If you’re looking for a DIY drawer organizer that won’t break the bank, Organized Mom provides a great walkthrough on how to make beautiful, wooden organizers for less than $5. Sure, the guide shows how she used the organizers for her make up and bathroom drawers, but the usefulness of the idea is universal when it comes to creative spaces, too.

Wine Rack Marker Holder

If you like to go thrift store shopping, or antiquing in your free time, keep your eyes peeled for a countertop wine rack. My Case Studies presents a great idea for how you can use a wine rack and cups, or glasses, to help organize markers, pens, and pencils. Of course, that’s assuming that you don’t have a bunch of wine that needs to be organized first.

Repurposed Bed Spring Hanger

And while we’re on the topic of antiquing, if you happen to come across any old bed springs, snatch them up for your next DIY organization project. You can get all the awesome details for this rustic organizer over on DIY Inspired. Because it’s so versatile, you can make use of it, no matter what art supplies you and your family have collected.

Yarn Storage

This one isn’t so much of a guide as a bit of inspiration. Repeat Crafter Me shares a pictorial tour of their yarn organizing system. It’s so wonderful and she found such creative solutions for her storage needs. If you or your children have amassed a vast collection of yarn and fibers, then you will find great ideas on how to better store those items from this post.

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