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New Year’s Eve Crafting Fun

New Year’s Eve Crafting Fun

Many folks are ready to say goodbye to the year 2020. With 2021 looming over the horizon, we are sure that many of you are planning to have a fun (but responsible) celebration with your loved ones. If you have children old enough to stay up for the countdown or just want to spend time celebrating the new year with them, we have gathered a short list of crafts for the whole family.

Confetti Popper Rockets

Even though this project walkthrough was created with the Fourth of July in mind, it’s also a great midnight celebration for your children. Alpha Mom provides a great walkthrough for creating these adorable, hanging, confetti poppers. Don’t feel like you have to stick with the red, white, and blue motif. Black and gold are GREAT New Year's Eve colors to incorporate, or really any palette that you and your children prefer.

Fireworks Painting

If you enjoy introducing your children to a variety of printmaking activities, then this fireworks painting craft is a great option. For this art project from Fantastic Fun and Learning, all you need is some pipe cleaners, black paper, and pastel paints. Your children can make as many as they like and hang up their work in preparation for the upcoming celebrations.

Fireworks in a Jar

Another fun incorporation of fireworks into crafts is this adorable project from I Can Teach My Child. All you need is a mason jar, water, oil, and food color (all things many of us already have in our kitchen cabinets). It’s a fun little project to do with kids that won’t be able to stay up until midnight, and also offers a fun lesson in fluid mixtures and separation.

Paper Bowl Noisemakers

Finally, for the extra excitable child in your family that is FINALLY old enough to make it to the midnight festivities, this is the craft for them. Education.com offers a very simple idea for creating a midnight noisemaker using simple supplies you might already have laying around your house.

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