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Fall-themed Craft Ideas for 2020

Fall-themed Craft Ideas for 2020

Depending on where you’re located, you may already be experiencing the occasional cool morning breezes that signal the beginning of fall. Even if the temperature hasn’t started to drop where you are, certainly you know the excitement for the new season that September brings. In celebration of the coming cooler months, we’ve gathered some wonderful fall-themed crafts you can do with your family to help get you into the autumn spirit.

Pumpkin Stamping with Apples

Nothing says autumn like apples and pumpkins. So what better way to celebrate the season by combining the two into a fun and adorable craft project? Made to be a Momma gives a wonderful walkthrough for this all ages craft. All you need is some paint, chenille stems, and some googly eyes. If you’re feeling extra special, you can make your prints on foam board, cut them out, and glue small craft magnet to the back. Viola! Festive fridge decorations.

Scarecrow Mason Jar

Another staple of the fall season is the classic mason jar. It’s an icon of annual canning and has become a staple in rustic decor. Easy Peasy and Fun provides a great tutorial on how to turn a basic mason jar into an adorable scarecrow decoration.

Fall Wind Chime

For those that love to use natural elements in their arts and crafts, this autumn wind chime from The Benson Street may just be the perfect project for you. It’s also a great excuse to get your kids outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Paper Pumpkins

This is a great project for your favorite paper-crafter. It's super simple, but absolutely adorable! For this one, all you need is some orange and green craft paper, and something to make a stem. In the guide provided by DIY Inspired, they used a stick and twine.

And, if your kids really enjoy working with paper, consider checking out the Pinwheel Crafts Flower Origami kit over in the shop!

Scarecrow Popsicle Sticks

If you’ve got younger kids, the use of mason jars might make you nervous, since glass can create a potential cutting hazard if broken. For your children, we’ve got another fun scarecrow craft. This project from Somewhat Simple only requires jumbo craft sticks and colorful craft foam. It’s a very open ended craft, so it’s a great opportunity to let your kids explore their creativity and personalize it to their liking.

Pinecone Owl

Finally, one of the most cute icons of the fall season is the wide-eyed owl! This craft project from Meaningful Mama combines this adorable icon as well as the natural element of pinecones. All you need are some colorful craft feathers, craft paper or foam, and some googly eyes.


  • I’ll be having my grandchildren once a week, distance learning. It’ll be nice to have some fall craft ideas to offer them! Thank you. 😊


    Sue Dergantz

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