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Entertaining Crafts for Your Family

Entertaining Crafts for Your Family

Looking for something to keep the kids busy? Let’s face it, doing crafts with your kids is a great way to inspire creativity and the perfect opportunity to talk with them as well. Getting their hands and minds occupied allows them to focus on a task and relieves any stress from their day. 

Here are a few awesomely artistic ideas to keep them busy: 

Printmaking with Random Objects: Let your child find objects that they think might have a unique print. Have them place the object in washable paint and stamp them on a piece of paper to find the objects print. Good objects for printmaking might be: apple or fruit slices, corks, cardboard boxes, old sponges cut into shapes, pieces of wood, leaves or plants, marker or bottle caps. Their options are limitless!

Natural Arrangements: Take a nature walk and have them gather different objects from outside. This could be anything that catches their eye like pine cones or pine needles, sticks, rocks, maybe a wildflower or two, or shells. Let them arrange the objects in various designs and patterns on a chosen canvas. 

HINT: Take pictures to save their favorite natural arrangement. 

Shaving-cream Colors: Spray shaving cream on a cookie sheet and add a few drops of different colored food coloring. Let your child blend the colors to make designs in the foam. 

HINT: This one may stain their hands a little, but it’s a lot of fun!

Packing-Peanut Robots: Have a little bowl of water for your child to dip and slightly dampen the end of a packing peanut (use the biodegradable kind made of cornstarch) and stick it to another peanut. See who can make the most convincing robot. Or have them build different designs and sculptures. 

Festive Paper Plate Hats: Using the inner circle of the paper make shapes attached to any holiday (tree, star, heart, etc). Be sure to leave a segment of the shape attached to the outer part of the paper plate. Paint and have fun!

Bow-Tie Butterflies: Get out your paint and pasta! Use bow-tie pasta to paint and create beautiful little butterflies that seem to flit around their paper. Have them glue their butterfly designs to a piece of paper to enjoy. 

Coffee Filter Flowers: Using different food coloring let your child gently drop one or more colors in different places around the coffee filter. Once they are finished, bunch the filter in the middle and secure with a pipe cleaner. Easy, beautiful filter flowers to brighten any room!

These are just a few things to do with your kids to allow them to be creative and stay entertained without the use of electronic devices. Making sure your child is occupied during the day will save your sanity as well as keep their minds stimulated and happy. 

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