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Pinwheel Crafts - DIY Face Mask Hacks for Kids

Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared that anyone above the age of 2 must wear a mask? The spread of Coronavirus has evolved greatly. Initially, it started with touch and then proceeded to share the same air with someone standing beside you. Now, the symptoms of this worldwide pandemic can spread through a cough or sneeze, even from people who are not showing any signs. 

Now, let’s come to the problem at hand ― kids creating a fuss when it comes to wearing a mask. It’s ok to admit that your kid keeps tugging the mask below their nose or chewing it because it irritates them. 

Lucky for you, we have got a fun and easy solution for you. 

Why not let your kids decorate their masks so that they wear them on their own? Simply pick up a box of children’s disposable face masks and a bedazzle kit and let them go to town on them.

If you are a DIY type of person, you’ll have a great time sewing a kid’s mask. Here’s a template for you to start. You will need a few materials and tools for this project that include cotton fabric, elastic ties (you can also make ones from fabric), thread and needles, ruler, scissors, and clips. A few stitches here and there, and your kid will be wearing a cool-looking mask to school.

Note: If you don’t have any spare cotton fabric lying around, you will be happy to know that CDC has given the green light to create child disposable face masks out of coffee filters and bandanas. While cloth masks are not as effective as N95 masks, they are still better than going without one. A Cambridge study claims that masks made of tea towels and pillowcases offer protection to a certain degree and prevent the transfer of germs if someone accidentally coughs in your face.  

Now that we have this out of the way, let’s look at a few design ideas for kids disposable face masks: 

Decorative Face Mask: A little girl wearing a face mask that has little animated foxes printed on it

Decoration Ideas for DIY Child Disposable Face Mask 

Simple Patterns 

Cats, dogs, mice, lions, giraffes, etc.

Remember those art classes when you used to make animal faces on charts? Wasn’t that fun? Your kid probably knows how to draw a cat face, so start with that. Get a couple of permanent markers to draw the face, and use buttons for the nose. Let your child draw on the mask with a pencil and markers and help then use a glue gun to stick on the buttons.

The 2 Senses

Nose, a flash of smile, braces, lips, and a mustache… all these are related to two of your senses ― taste and smell. Give your kids an emoji template and a couple of colorful markers. They will be easily able to replicate a pair of teeth (simple or vampiric), lips (bow-shaped, pouty or Bratz style), and a mustache (thin like the Dracula or long and curly). There are plenty of styles you can try. A great way to get your kids interested in this activity is to ask them which one is their favorite emoji or if there’s a design idea they have for their own emoji. Kids have quite the imagination, and in this area, they won’t disappoint you. Give the masks a 3D look by buying fake teeth or lips that can be attached to the mask. 

Old-Man Face Mask

Is your kid fascinated with his dad’s beard? Why not give him the chance to look exactly like his role model and sneakily push them to wear the mask at the same time? The old-man facemask has just one thing, and that’s a beard. Get a light gray children’s disposable face mask and gray wool roving. Pull out small pieces of the wool roving, and glue them one by one. For the mustache, rub the wool roving between your hands and use a thread to tie a knot in the middle. Shape the mustache with scissors and attach it to the mask with glue.

3D Face Masks

It’s time to take out your bedazzle kit and let your kids have some fun. You r kid will need a glue gun to create this mask, so be ready to help out if your children are not old enough to use it on their own. A 3D kid’s disposable mask can be made with anything. For example, if your kid loves butterflies, you can get small decorative ones and glue them on the mask. If your child likes ladybugs, you can paint the mask red and glue small, black, foam circles onto it. There are endless possibilities, and with a bedazzle kit in their hand, they can be as creative as they want.

Monster Mask

A monster mask is quite fun to make and doesn’t require much. You will need a plain black mask, a thin felt sheet in white and pink, and a fluffy boa. Cut the pink felt sheet into the shape of a tongue. Create a slit in the middles, and overlap the sides slightly. Glue the edges and the tongue to the bottom of the mask so that when the mouth moves, so does the tongue. Using the white felt, cut out the teeth and glue them above and below the tongue. Lastly, attach the boa on the edges. Make sure to stretch the mask so that when you wear it, the boa doesn’t curl.

Patches Face Mask

If your kid loves a specific cartoon character, then getting stickers and patches from the show are another great way to decorate a children’s disposable face mask. You can easily find patches and stickers from Etsy or your nearest craft store. All your kid will have to do is glue and stick them onto their mask. 

So, there you have it ― easy and creative ideas to get your kid interested in wearing a face mask. Create matching adult masks to wear on small errands when with your kid. This fun activity will show them how important it is to protect themselves and others.

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