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Craft Paper Projects to Celebrate Springtime!

Craft Paper Projects to Celebrate Springtime!

With the weather getting more and more beautiful outside, this week’s post is a fun round-up of spring-themed crafts for kids of all ages! All you need to make most of these crafts are colorful craft paper, glue, and something to draw with. Everything else should be relatively easy to find around the house.

Hanging Flower Garland

If you’re looking for a cute idea that will double as an adorable decoration, this is the craft for you. Krokotak gives a great step-by-step walkthrough on how to make these cute, hanging, flower garlands. If you don’t have a printer to print out the template for the curly stems, don’t fret! You can create a stencil of the repeating shape by placing a piece of paper over your monitor and tracing it (VERY carefully) with a pencil. After that, you can cut out the shape and use the stencil to create more curly stems of the same size on your green paper.

Toilet Paper Roll Bee

For parents looking for a fun way to use empty toilet paper rolls, this awesome bumblebee craft from Easy Peasy and Fun is right up your alley. In this walkthrough, they do use sticker googly eyes. If you don’t have those (or regular googly eyes), you can simply use black marker on white paper to make your own little eyes. From there, your children can simply glue them on as they have will all the other bee parts. 

Paper Dahlias

Craftaholics Anonymous has a wonderful guide for how to make these amazing paper Dahlias. These beautiful flowers look so great hanging on the wall. If you have older kids, you can even make a more miniature version and create fridge magnets, or greeting card decorations. This craft does call for a hot glue gun, though, so make sure you are available to help your younger children with this one.

Paper Ladybugs

Everyone knows that Ladybugs are another very recognizable symbol of spring. The iconic red and black motif is always so striking and makes for very fun project ideas. I Heart Crafty Things has created a simple, but great guide for making paper ladybugs that almost any child can do with very minimal assistance.

No supplies? No problem!

And, of course, if you're running low on craft supplies make sure to check out the Pinwheel Crafts shop. We have a variety of craft projects perfect for spring that come with everything you need all in one box! We're sure there's something there to keep you and your children busy. 

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