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Pinwheel Crafts - Awesome Stuff for Kids

Pinwheel Crafts - Awesome Stuff for Kids

Pinwheel Crafts wants to know, are you ready to have some fun with your kid? Toys no longer hold a toddler’s attention like they once used to. You have probably seen many funny videos where a baby is given a choice between an ordinary household object and a toy, and they pick the former. What’s up with that?

Babies tend to love all things that flash or make sounds. That’s why we here at Pinwheel Crafts want to provide you with a list of awesome stuff for kids that you can easily make at home.

Staying home during the pandemic, we have no doubt that you must be seeing a lot more of your kids than previous years. Less time spent doing homework and more time spent in front of screens — you have your hands full, to say the least. So, we suggest that you keep your kids occupied in their free time by involving them in these DIY projects. You don’t need to spend a lot on expensive toys! Just visit the nearest supplies shop that offers arts and crafts items and create your own.

Below are three ideas for big kids’ stuff that you can easily make at home:

Rainbow Paper Lantern

Multicolor paper lanterns hung from trees and lit up after dark

Let’s start with something simple. Creating a decorative paper lantern is pretty simple as it requires only three things and no finesse. Here’s how to make it:

What You Will Need

- A paper lantern
- Tissue paper squares in different colors
- White glue


      1. Dilute the glue in a bowl by mixing in a small amount of water
      2. Take a paintbrush and cover the paper lantern with a light layer of glue (Work in parts so that the glue does not dry out)
      3. Start sticking the papers where the glue is applied

        Your Rainbow Lantern is ready. Yes, it’s that simple!

        Note: You can try different designs by making single, differently colored layers, or create a pattern by using one color for a unique shape.

        Egg Carton Boats

        Close up image of empty cardboard egg carton container

        Making a simple paper boat and floating it in the bathtub or down the drain on the road won’t entertain kids these days. Paper boats can sink quickly, causing kids to lose interest in minutes. So, we have come up with a better way of making boats that will not only float on water but last a long time.

        What You Will Need

        - An egg carton
        - Chopsticks
        Paper and paint

        Blu Tack (Adhesive Putty)


        1. Start with the sails first. Let your kid’s creativity flow by handing them a paintbrush, watercolors, and a sheet of paper.
        2. Poke a chopstick in the middle section of the carton and apply Blu Tack underneath to secure the stick. You can also apply some glue, just in case.
        3. Create more holes using the scissor and thread in the ribbon. Create a triangle by looping it around the chopstick and bring both ends underneath the carton to tie the ribbon.
        4. Cut the paper sail in the form of a triangle and stick it on the ribbon. Use cloth pegs to make sure that the glue adheres to the ribbon and paper
        5. Cut small triangles, and stick them on the other ribbon line

        6. Place in a few LEGO figures and let the boat float

        Note: Use the egg carton with 12 slots since it’s sturdier and can hold the weight of the chopstick, sail, and ribbon combined.

        If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this step-by-step video guide on YouTube from The Bear & The Fox.

        Cosmic Sun Catchers

        pink and blue light cast across a white table cloth through glasses of colored fluids

        Everyone loves playing with colors. and what better way to do it than flinging your paintbrush around and creating some patterns! One of the best things about this DIY cool thing for kids is that it is appropriate for every age. If you have a toddler, their tiny hands will make for great artwork. If you have an older kid, teach them how to make swirls and what different patterns look like.

        What You Will Need

        White Glue (Lots of it!)
        Food Coloring
        Plastic lids (You can easily buy them from a supermarket, crafting store, or discarded jars)

        Hole Punch


        1. Lay down your lid on a flat surface and pour glue into it. Move it around so that it covers the sides.
        2. Add in a few drops of different food colorings.
        3. Give your kid a toothpick and let them swirl it around in the glue (Do not over swirl or all the colors will mix and create a muddy, brown color).
        4. Set the lid aside and let the glue dry. With time, the colors will expand and create a psychedelic effect. It will take about 3 full days for the glue to dry completely. You will know when you can take out the glue disc when it starts coming off from the edges.
        5. Once dry, push out the disc and punch a hole in it.

        6. Use a ribbon to create a knot and hang it in a spot where the sunshine hits during the day.

        The kaleidoscope of colors from these cosmic sun catchers will make your kid smile every time they see it.

        Final Thoughts

        You can make these cool gadgets for babies too and hang them in their room from the ceiling. The best thing about these DIY projects is that they are easy to make, and you can involve your toddler or kid as well.

        This bonding time with your kids will create great memories and even make them learn new things in the process. Isn’t it one of the sneakiest and greatest ways to keep your kid occupied? While these projects are simple, the tools used in the making require adult supervision so make sure that you do all the cutting and poking all by yourself.

        So, are you excited to try one of these DIY projects with your kids? Let us know how they turn out.

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