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The Best Craft Kits For Kids Slumber Parties

The Best Craft Kits For Kids Slumber Parties

Slumber parties are a fun tradition, and there are so many possibilities for activities. If you're looking for ideas that will keep your guests entertained and away from electronics, try using Pinwheel Crafts DIY Kits! 

There are plenty of projects that can be completed by your child with little to no help, and they're all sure to push their creativity. 

All Pinwheel Craft DIY kits are designed for all ages!

Here are some of the best crafts to use at a kids slumber party!

Create Your Own Fridge Magnets

What could be more fun and convenient than making your own fridge magnets at a slumber party? 

With an easy-to-follow fun fridge magnet kit, you'll have everything for your kid to create their very own fridge magnets that's sure to become a treasured memory on your fridge. 

The kit includes ceramic tiles, vibrant paints, magnets, fancy feathers and googly eyes, so all the kids need is to follow the instructions to express their creativity!. 

The finished fun magnets make for a perfect accommodation for any slumber party or addition to the family fridge when they come home. 

So gather up your supplies for your children's next slumber party and get ready to magnify some sleepytime fun!

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Make a Magical Fairy Jar

A magical fairy jar is a fun and easy way to entertain our little guests at any kids slumber party. 

All that’s needed for each child is a fairy jar, light up LED lid, fairy silhouettes, 3 decorative flowers, 6 colors of ribbons, a butterfly clip, tissue paper, twine, glue, brush & fairy glitter; all of which comes with a Fairy Jar Kit!

Simply have the kids decorate the jars with ribbon and stickers, then fill them with the decorations. 

The result is a magical "lamp" that is sure to delight any child, and act as a night light at any slumber party! 

If you want to take things one step further, you can also include a few fake flowers or leaves in the bottom of each jar. 

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Make a Paracord Friendship Bracelet 

Make any sleepover a hit with a paracord bracelet kit!

With a Paracord Bracelet Kit, children can create all sorts of colorful, decorative creations. 

The kit comes with everything they need to get started, including an abundance of colorful paracord, buckles, decorative charms, and easy step-by-step instructions to create the perfect bracelet.

It's the perfect activity for a kids slumber party, and it's sure to be a hit with all their friends. They can make friendship bracelets that will last for a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? 

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Make It a Unicorn Pillow Party


There's no better way to throw a fun and memorable slumber party for your kids than by making it a unicorn pillow party! 

With a Unicorn Pillow Kit, you can easily transform any room into a magical space where unicorns and rainbows abound. 

Not only will the kids have a blast decorating their own pillows, but they'll also love snuggling up with their new plush companions at bedtime. 

Best of all, the kit comes with everything you need to make five pillows, so there's plenty to go around. 

So round up your little ones and get ready for a truly magical experience.

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If you want to make your child's next slumber party one they'll never forget, why not try out some of these DIY projects? 

They're easy enough for anyone to do, and they're sure to bring a smile to the children's faces. 

Plus, who’s kids don’t love making their own creations?

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