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Crafting Makes You Feel Good, And Pinwheel Crafts Can Get You The Supplies To Help

It probably isn’t surprising to know that arts and crafts can be beneficial to the health and well-being of you, your friends and family, and the children in your life.

Studies show that participating in arts and crafts at a young age can help children further develop and learn fine motor skills, which help them out later in life with tasks like buttoning their clothes, tying their shoes, and using keyboards. Furthermore, teens and adults who enjoy arts and crafts report feeling less stressed and say they use arts and crafts as a form of stress relief and expression.

Additionally, the time-honored tradition of art is something understood by every culture on Earth. Although different regions of the world practice different forms of art, all can be understood, no matter where you’re from, as a form of expression.

But there are several essential tools you must have to get started. Here are a few fun craft ideas and some of the craft supplies you can purchase from Pinwheel Crafts:


Practice this ancient paper-folding technique with a 100-sheet pack of origami paper from Pinwheel Crafts, available for $6.99. Origami originated in Japan after paper was invented in China in 105 A.D. and brought to Japan by monks in the sixth century. Although the art form was used almost exclusively for religious ceremonies, the art has since evolved and is used in several art projects today.

Origami is great for children, as it can help them learn to follow instructions and can further develop their motor skills by teaching them to fold their paper correctly to make an animal or shape. Find a ton of easy and kid-friendly origami instructions here.



We often tend to leave jewelry making to the pros, but there are a ton of amazing things you can make at home. Not only can you use your creativity to create a beautiful necklace or bracelet, you can also end up with a new piece of jewelry, or can make a piece for a friend or family member on a special occasion.

Use a square or round pendant tray, available for $14.99 (12 sets) on PinwheelCrafts.com, and glue on a special gem or decorative element. You can then add your customized pendant to a necklace chain for a special piece of jewelry. For added fun, include some more decorative beads to pull the piece together. You can also profit with jewelry making if you enjoy it enough!


We here at Pinwheel Crafts know that expressing yourself with art is important to you. That is why we sell an assortment of craft supplies that you need to get started. You can purchase any of these supplies on our website at PinwheelCrafts.com. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa payments as well as others. If you have a question, we’ll be happy to answer. Fill out the contact form on the website for more information.

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